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Centennial Park Wedding, Orland Park, IL | Lillian + Zach

Lillian and I were having our normal girl's night at a local Starbucks and she was telling me about a guy she met. She got his number but was nervous to reach out to him. She thought he was cute and was totally her type. I looked her dead in the eye and said "text this guy RIGHT now."

Today, they're now Mr. & Mrs. Zach and Lillian Wiater.

Lillian and I met 10 years ago working at a restaurant together. She was a hostess and I was a waitress. We didn't become friends until a few years later when she worked at my gym and became my personal trainer! I remember waking up at 5am a few times a week only to be minutes late to nearly every session with her because I was dragging my feet (who wants to work out first thing in the morning?!)

Lillian and I became amazing friends. We had our routine margarita afternoons and after stuffing our faces with tacos, we'd walk around nice neighborhoods nearby, talking about our futures. We talked about how we'd have nice houses with perfect husbands. I remember her even talking about how she wanted her future bachelorette party in Nashville (whenever she'd find her future husband)

After Lillian & Zach got engaged I cried. Lillian cried when I got engaged, married and was pregnant with my and Michael's first son, Maximilian. Today, I cried seeing Lillian in her wedding dress, walking up to Zach for their First Look.

We all know how the 2020 pandemic changed all our lives in different ways. Many couples-to-be-wed had to push back their wedding days. Lillian & Zach had to do it twice. As their photographer/filmmaker/bridesmaid, I was prepared to be wherever they would get married - including California if it happened!

They chose to be wed at Centennial Park in Orland Park, IL - close to home. It was just them two at the altar, and me and Michael. No one else.

Zach's mom and Lillian worked hard to design this ceremony area, and even included all of Lillian's plant babies surrounding them! The Wiater family and Lillian's sister Helena helped put this area together to give Lillian and Zach the most meaningful and memorable ceremony.

Their vows were full of emotion and choked up tears. I teared up (pregnancy hormones?)

Now they're OFFICIALLY husband and wife!!

After their vow exchange, they did the traditional, celebratory CORONA-virus toast (we even found baby turtles along the path!)

Did I mention Trudy Booty and Arnold?

Trudy had the cutest tutu and flower collar while Arnold rocked his adorable bow tie! I love when puppos are involved in mom and dad's wedding!


Michael shining in his favorite part of wedding days: throwing the veil.

Lillian and Zach... thank you.

Thank you for making me your bridesmaid.

Thank you for giving me and Michael the honor of filming and photographing your wedding.

Being a big part of the best day of your lives gives me so much joy, I can't wait for your children and grandchildren to see your wedding album and watch your films one day. They're going to be amazed at how beautiful both of you looked in 2021.

I love you.


Watch Lillian & Zach's highlight film here!

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