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Deep River Trail Corgi Session | Peter & Poppy

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi (/ˈkɔːrɡi/; Welsh for "dwarf dog") a cattle herding dog of short stature and sturdy build. AKA: strong, independent doggos.

Michael calls these sweet little things "low-riders" because of their short legs! Neither of us grew up with dogs, but if we were to get one in the future, it would definitely be a corgi.

Giesela & Dwayne found us through Eevee's session (

and when they told me they had TWO corgis, I said let's do this. They decided to have their session at the Deep River Trail in Hobart, IN. Beautiful and close to home.

Peter (the tricolor) is a rescue with a lot of personality AND he's photogenic! He posed for nearly every shot and stole my heart. Poppy posed when she wanted on her own terms - talk about independent! I was thrilled when I got smiles from both of them!

It was hard to walk away from this session without taking these babies home with me. Thank you Giesela & Dwayne for having me take your family photos! You two do an amazing job as parents to these furry babies. I could tell right away how well taken care of they were. I hope you frame every picture of these cuties!


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