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Newborn Angel Wings Studio Session | Mila

"Alyssa I know you do weddings, but do you do photos of newborns? My granddaughter is being born sometime this week & they’re looking for a photographer."

YES! We started our business as wedding filmmakers, eventually adding on wedding photography, then portrait sessions, and now we opened up our newborn studio! We have 3 kids under 2.5 years, so you can say we're somewhat experts on how to handle newborns. I love babies and their little toes, so how could I not open up a studio specializing in newborn photography?

When I contacted Sam about Mila's newborn session, she picked a date that following week and we connected right away. Sam and I talked for hours during Mila's session about everything newborn and the birthing experience! She delivered Mila at the same hospital we're going to for Baby E July 2021. It gave me comfort knowing how well the labor & delivery nurses at our hospital treated Sam & Mila so well.

Sam brought tons of outfits for baby Mila to wear! She was gifted outfits from both grandmas and friends. How cute are those angel wings?! We took breaks between every outfit for them to sit comfortably in our breast feeding recliner. I want all our new moms and babies to feel warm and at home while they're in our studio. Gotta keep those little baby bellies full!

Little Mila had to be the most well-behaved and calm newborn I've ever met. She was wide awake for most of the session and looked directly at the camera! Halfway through the session, dad showed up and I picked up right away how much he loved his little girl. He took photos of her on his phone to show his co-workers. Talk about daddy-daughter love!!

Thank you Sam & Nick for having us take Mila's newborn photos. I can't wait to watch her grow up and steal everyone's hearts. She was such a ham, it was hard for me to not keep her myself. Thank goodness I'm having our 3rd baby in just 10 weeks!


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