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NIU Teacher Graduates at Centennial Park

4 Northern Illinois University teacher graduates in 2020. These four ladies made it and they're about to be plunged into the world of teaching in the middle of a pandemic! I loved hanging out with these girls as I posed each one of them for their portraits. Their energy was infectious and you could instantly tell how close they all were! I have a strong feeling they're going to remain great friends long after graduation. They were all so fun that they even agreed to do a Beatles Abbey Road photo! Did they nail it??

They reached out to me for photos because they didn't get to walk across stage for graduation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So we staged (literally) our own graduation! We used the stage at Centennial Park in Munster, IN to do a diploma hand out and hand shake tradition. They even had an audience of teenagers watching and cheering!

I am eternally grateful for the fun, energetic and loving clients we have. I will never get tired of being a photographer and filmmaker.


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