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Ogden Gardens Corgi Session | Eevee

Michael and I filmed Nicole & Jesse's wedding and now they have a furry baby of their own: Eevee the Corgi! I feel attached to Eevee because that's my favorite Pokémon character AND she's a CORGI. Michael wants a corgi and he got me hooked on them too! He likes to call them "low-rider dogs"

Nicole & Jesse chose Ogden Gardens because of the beautiful trees and the bonus Japanese garden! Just look at how cute Eevee's little paws are <3 AND THE MATCHING OUTFITS!!! This is the dog-owner I aspire to be in the future!

If you LOVE dogs (especially Corgis,) I highly recommend following this sweet girl's Instagram page (yes, Eevee has her own page!):

See Nicole + Jesse's wedding film here:

Nicole & Jesse, thank you for trusting us again with capturing these beautiful milestones in your lives. We're grateful to have been there for your wedding and now for your growing family with that beautiful corgi of yours!


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