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Newborn Twins On A Tiny Bunk Bed | Ian & Ivy

Somehow I find myself browsing Facebook Marketplace often and just a few months ago, I came across something I DID NOT need: a doll bunk bed. So I bought it. As I sent Michael to pick up the tiny bunk bed, I searched for any friend who had newborn twins on social media and I couldn't find anyone. I felt like I bought this cute piece of furniture for a reason and I wasn't going to let it go to waste.

Not long after owning it, a Facebook announcement finally showed up: Karli & Kyle were expecting twins!! Naturally I messaged Karli and asked her if I could photograph them after they were born. She said yes!

They hit the baby jackpot by having a boy and a girl and named them the most adorable twin names ever: Ian & Ivy.

These two babies were so sweet and gentle. Ian was wide awake for a lot of their session, and Ivy pretty much slept the whole way through. It's so funny how you can share a womb with someone, yet have different personalities at such a young age! They did share one thing in common... they both wanted to stick their feet out as far as possible during their wrapped sessions

We tried to get Ian to close his eyes, but he wasn't having it! Ha!


This bunk bed called my name just for these two.

The coolest part about their names is they share their parents' middle names!

Ian Christopher & Kyle Christopher

Ivy May & Karli May

I love that so much.

My favorite part of their session was watching Karli & Kyle live in bliss with their babies. You could see the deep love they had for these two. The way they looked into their babies' eyes was amazing. I know these two are going to grow up with so much love in their home.

Karli & Kyle, thank you so much for bringing your beautiful babies over for their session. To think a doll bunk bed would bring this session together is funny, but it was meant to be. I can't wait to see their personalities as they get older!


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